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New premises TBC following lockdown restriction lifting.


Please Note - Our physical gym is currently closed due to the national lockdown. Stay tuned for an update of our new location following the lifting of restrictions.

Fitness February was a complete success.


We're now moving on to -



When we came up with the idea for a month of free online exercise sessions every weekday for a month, we didn't really think beyond the initial month of February.

Fitness February comprised 20 exercise sessions, one released each weekday, led by trainers who are themselves wheelchair users, in the form of pre-recorded videos and live sessions. The idea being that people complete an exercise session each weekday throughout the month of February. For each session completed, a code-word is revealed; collecting several code-words and sending them through to Gym Possible HQ yields virtual awards.


Following amazing feedback, popularity and demand, we are delighted to be able to go ahead with the follow-up campaign, “Movement March”. Thanks to generous sponsorship from The CiaO Foundation and The Rooprai Spinal Trust, we will be continuing in the same vein as Fitness February with another month of varied fitness sessions, aimed squarely at wheelchair-users.


Movement March began on 1st March and features Seated Boxing, Aerobics, Tabata and resistance band workouts.


New workouts every weekday throughout March, all completely free!

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Click HERE to be taken to our YouTube channel to see the videos so far.

If the concept of this free month of online fitness sessions is new to you, please read the orginal post below:

Without dwelling too much on what 2020 has taken from us, we prefer to focus on achievements. Yes, before the global pandemic, Gym Possible had a thriving, physical gym space, but have since been forced to close the doors of our charity and rethink how we serve our members. We have addressed this adversity by moving online, producing over 50 exercise videos and connecting with thousands of people across the planet. Once the world is made safe again, we plan to open a new, physical gym, but, in the meantime, our online world is flourishing.


With a wide variety of people being forced to self-isolate, it reminds us that this is not a new concept or reality for many people with disabilities. Social isolation has always been a familiar bed-fellow for some of us. With lockdowns, shielding and quarantine only adding to the feelings of loneliness, we want to reach out and form a support community to boost awareness of accessible exercise and fitness. We really believe the old adage; healthy body, healthy mind.


Here at Gym Possible we want to provide some motivation for people to see their fitness-related New Year’s Resolution continue beyond January. Often, we have the best of intentions with health-orientated lifestyle changes, but they fall by the wayside without encouragement. With that in mind, we are providing 20 days of online exercise sessions, one for every weekday throughout February, absolutely free of charge!


There are virtual medals and awards to be won for completing various parts of the program to instill a sense of achievement.


Included are Tabata, Strength training exercises, Boxing, Cardio workouts and more, all led by trainers who are wheelchair-users themselves. Adapted versions of every workout makes them suitable for both para and tetraplegics.


We know it is hard to find the motivation to work up a sweat, but together we hope to inspire each other. So whether you’re turning over a new leaf or just want to continue with your fitness journey, belonging to the Gym Possible community is just one of the ways we can come together to smash 2021.

Videos of the workouts can be found on our YouTube channel, the videos section of our Facebook page and linked here from the Gym Possible website. 


To find out more about Fitness February, check out the Gym Possible website or social media platforms.


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